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Mount Kare is Kare Youth League’s own 16-acre resident camping facility located in the Angeles National Forest near the village of Wrightwood.

In 1947 the Boy’s Christian League, which had been in existence for about ten years, rented Camp Marion, a bungalow high on the hillside above Wrightwood, California.  At that time there was no outside plumbing and only wooden shutters as protection from the weather.

In the 1970’s we purchased the Deer Ridge organizational camp adjacent to Camp Marion, giving great possibilities for future development. The combined area was renamed Mount Kare.

In September of 1992, we completed two new bunkhouses at Mount Kare, providing an ideal summer and winter camp for up to 100 people, with the best facilities in a beautiful secluded area.

In 1995 one of the original Deer Ridge buildings was remodeled to provide more sleeping area and a small infirmary.

In the Fall of 2001 the old shower house at upper camp was remodeled to provide more winterized living accommodations.

Each improvement seemed modest, but over the years they have resulted in a beautiful camping retreat with all-purpose facilities for just over 100 people, a first class dining hall, a large gathering lodge, 7 separate sleeping cabins and an array of recreational activities.

In 2017 we welcomed another resident family to the Mount Kare staff. We look forward to serving you at Mount Kare, a place of wonder and discovery, fostering relationships and decision making, enabling people to experience the truth of the Gospel and the loving kindness of Jesus in an environment where the still small voice of God can be heard.